You ask why BRIGHT ? Well is it not already gloomy with shorter hours of sunlight and such long hours of darkness! Usually, winter is associated with darker colors & deep tones. But why should we favor dark hues? I think the best way to stand against cold season is to wear something bright and fresh. Something playful, some brighter hues and some subtle prints can make us look sweet and fresh in cold & dull winters. It is one of the best & most ideal ways of standing out in the crowd during the season.

Additionally bright colors give the winter look that extra warmth and coziness. It is also a sure shot way of making your neutrals & monochromes pop with vibrancy & fun! A bright piece of clothing, be it an outer coat or jacket, a sweater or a jumper, a fun skirt, or even just a cozy winter shawl/ wrap, can effortlessly take your everyday winter look from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Bright hues and prints add a touch of femininity to any look. You can also play around with bright & vibrant accessories such as colored boots, caps, neck-pieces, etc. for that instant dash of color.

Recently, I was totally blown away with this gorgeous mustardy yellow turtleneck from H&M’s latest winter collection! It’s amazing how the bright pop of yellow is adding so much character to my basic, everyday, winter go-to outfit. I balanced the bright pop of yellow with a brown cozy wrap in order to tone down the shade a bit. With my wide leg denim and khaki ankle boots, I was ready with a look that was winter appropriate, totally chic and statement-making. The varying tones of –mustardy yellow, brown & khaki– in my outfit complement each other. These shades belong to different families of colors yet coordinate so well together. You can also try color combinations with three unique shades that look stunning when combined together in a single outfit.

I hope this post will encourage you to come out of your comfort zone and ditch your greys, blacks & navys and embrace reds, pinks & yellows for this winter. You can go totally bright from top to bottom if you are daring enough or add pops of bright with your darks & neutrals, choice is totally yours. But do give it a try!

Yellow Turtleneck : H&M | Boot-Cut/ Flare Jeans: Trends (Similar here & here) | Brown Scarf: H&M | Khaki Ankle Boots: Janpath Market, New Delhi | Bag: GK-1 Market, Delhi


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