At the onset, let me caution you that this post is not about combining or mixing two distinct looks/ styles to create new looks; it is much more simplified and targeted at throwing in traditional accents with the contemporary modern, minimal looks and coming up with a style that makes a statement yet is balanced and fresh. This may not be as tricky as it sounds. First & foremost it is important to be ready with your color palette and the basic look around which you need to work. Like for today’s look, my basic outfit was simply the white culottes combined with my royal blue Mango crop top and pale blue wedge sandals. It is very clear that I need to work with shades like cobalt, prussian blue, teal, chambray, navy, ivory or beige when selecting my accent pieces.


Here comes the second most important factor! Do not try too hard to fit in pieces. I went in for clothing and accessories that fitted in most naturally and complimented my outfit instead of screaming for attention or making me either TOO traditional/ modern/ casual/ edgy/ eclectic/ made-up. My Global Desi Dress Jacket pulled the whole outfit together without any fuss while the silver wavy earrings added the girly glam fun quotient.


This leads us to the third-most important factor–Follow your instincts instead of going too much by the rule-book of mixing contrasting shapes, colors & styles! After all you know your body best and what looks the best on it. For example, I was a little skeptical about the Levis Denim bag initially because it added another texture but the more I put it on me, the more I fell in love with the way it accentuated my whole look. It clearly was in sync with my denim shaded wedge heel sandals and added an interesting, fresh component. The important elements to adding accents to any look and specially modern, minimal style are balance and freshness. Where you may simply get away with the drama and color in case of glamorous/ bold looks, you will need to be a tad bit careful with minimal style because we are trying to accentuate elegance here 🙂


Blue Top: Mango (Similar here & here) | White Culottes: Shopper Stop (Similar here & here) | Dress Jacket: Global Desi | Blue Wedge Sandals : Hype (DLF Metropolitan Mall) ( Similar herehere & here) | Denim Tote Bag: Levis Strauss ( Similar here & here) | Silver Wave Earrings: Janpath

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