Dancer at Leela Palace, Udaipur


Recently I did a post on some of Woody Campbell’s brilliant tale-telling photographs of different parts of India covering places like Rajasthan & Bombay. You can check out the post here. In continuance with the same feature, this is part 2 of the photo diary of the legendary photographer who is based in New York, USA!

In the words of Woody Campbell, -” I take at least one photo every day and post it on my site. I upload when I have time, typically six or seven days after the image is captured. I started this project on October 16, 2009 and have posted a picture each day without fail. I am well into the seventh year of this long-term project, which I will continue for the rest of my life” .

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Tourist at Leela Palace, Udaipur


Leela Palace, Udaipur


Music, Jodhpur


Nancy, John and Maria, Rajasthan


Pottery shop, Jodhpur


Rajasthan Land


Holy Cow

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