I am a black & white freak. My first post on my first blog ever and it had to be this. Just don’t know what it is about this man-made or god-made color combo that is such a turn-on. I often wish I had the ability to store these and many such B/W images in my mind library so that I didn’t have to open my laptop every-time to satiate my visual hunger….It did not take me much time to decide upon the appearance/ theme for my blog, either. Yes exactly! I see this deadly combination and I’m decided. I often wonder if this speaks anything of my character, I mean I do love blues and greens & fuchsias too; I don’t think in pure black or white terms….I do think grey a lot of times….then why and from where this obsession, I have no idea. Anyways I am enjoying telling you and sharing a few of my precious visuals compiled from various sources over the years. These are truly rare and bring about a great sense of aesthetics and character if incorporated into fashion, clothing, make-up, interiors, home accessories, wall art or just moods. Hope you enjoy them…..


cropped-59d08320b251395e796ad95c1fb83202.jpg  2458887446_19ac7b519d  13383e2b057ab7ce8d6576be43f75fc8

1df24bc0583c49715171a3184a273b55                       2676fe43dac031ba08d255c6489cf925                      HR25  Anthropologie-inspired-teacup-lamp  d040791b3f4922bbb911c87f0627ab8a   30d531cefa9a780ae9f2b7493f7502e1

VAN HEUSEN GQ FASHION NIGHTS       b86b38b6c56a2957694722730d32db2f       72993_545837402122626_1246632595_n      ed5d5c3e287c2fb452c0e802cb4e45f6

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