There is no doubt that 2020 has brought a big pause in our lives throwing us off our game, slowing us to a great extent, with little hope of getting us back on track anytime soon in the near future. While most of us are struggling with the Covid meltdown and trying to achieve some level of normalcy that takes it cues from pre March 2020, I thought it would be a good idea to look at something positive that would make the current experience and scenario a little less daunting. So here I am with top 6 takeaways from our lockdown, which has transformed us into a more disciplined, a more empathetic and a more confidence version of ourselves. So here we go….

—Digital World has come closer to us

Digital world was always there, somewhere, but never this close. Work from home, online classes for school & college children, online shopping and even online medical consultation—all speak of ways in which technology and computers have become an inseparable part of our everyday life today, thereby bring some sort of relief and a certain level of normalcy!

—We have become closer as a family

With no office meetings, no late stay-backs, no late dinners, no early mornings for school kids, no rush hours, no traffic jams, it is only natural we have all become a little more patient, a little more loving and a little more caring. As a result we have all had plenty of time for each other to bond and to get closer and indulge in activities together as a family.

—We have all picked up a hobby

There was always that thing that you wanted to do as a child, something that really interested you but you had almost forgotten or never had time for—well this lockdown gave us ample time to pick or hone our skills in our favorite hobby be it painting, cooking, gardening, stitching, etc…For some it was even picking up back on yoga or aerobics or even meditation which were activities earlier confined to only weekends or holidays.

—We have gone back to reading

I agree that Netflix and Amazon Prime have occupied most of our lockdown days but somewhere the lockdown has provided us a stimulus to get back to reading, an almost forgotten habit. A large section of people have actually taken up the daily reading habit with great sincerity and enthusiasm. Kids have gone back to reading because of the much needed break after long hours of online classes. They have realized that what a good book can offer can never be replaced by television or films.

—Men & kids have developed home skills

Since outside help was an absolute no during the lockdown, the burden of the household chores was shared equally by all family members including the men and children. So this lockdown has definitely taught men to wash utensils & iron the clothes and kids to broom & mop the house along with laying the table and making the beds.

—We have learnt Gratitude

We have enough, more than enough! This was clear during the initial days of the lockdown itself where we were able to survive happily in our homes even without working or going out. Looking at the plight of the not-so-fortunate people, has taught us to be thankful for that every single meal, every beautiful piece of clothing and every cozy corner of our house that we had taken for granted until now.

With almost a second wave of the pandemic hitting us already, there is uncertainty looming all over us. Where we are constantly under pressure due to insecure future, deteriorating financial condition, risky health situation, we must also thank God for keeping us mindful, safe & secure all along. Being positive, confident & optimistic was never the need of the hour as much as it is today. Don’t you agree? What lessons have you learnt from the pandemic? Do share with me in the comments below.

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