It is perfect time for me to do a post on the so called No.1 Fashion diva of India, yeah, you guessed it right, its none other than the vibrant, giggly Sonam Kapoor. Though I have not been much of a fan of her acting prowess her fashion skills and the ability to think out-of-box have always amazed me. Her choice of roles has been mostly unconventional beginning with a shy, complaisant lover Sakina in Sawariya  to a bold, upper class elite fashionista in Aisha or from a peppy, middle-class, pigeon loving Bittu in Delhi6 to a now brave, daring air-hostess in Neerja…..her evolution as an actress has been slow but steady and finally culminated into a power packed, stellar performance that she has delivered in Neerja playing the title role of a PAN-AM air hostess who died at the age of 23 while trying to save the passengers from a hijack by the terrorists in September, 1986.


Sonam truly has the art of making heads turn wherever she goes. “je ne sais quoi” is one of the phrases used to describe her. For sure she has that certain elusive, indefinable, attractive quality about her that lends to her charm. As for her sartorial choices, enough has already been said and written about and just like for the majority of Indians, for me too she is the real fashion icon in the true sense of the word! Though there is a herd of Bollywood actresses who have a fabulous sense of style & dressing and at times do make a mark, Sonam clearly shines out as one actress who is effortless, very experimental and up-to-date with the trends. Her versatility and the ability to think beyond the ordinary is clearly reflected in each and every appearance that she makes, be it the award functions, product launches, store openings or the international film festivals like the Cannes.


From walking the ramp as a showstopper for Rohit Bal to endorsing the Loreal lipsticks on television, from making the best dressed list with each red carpet appearance to having Salvatore Ferragamo make a custom shoe just for her, she has it all that goes into the making of an international style icon. Gracing over 200 magazine covers to date, she is a rare woman who has a signature style that can be called versatile, classy and fierce at the same time.


With her rich, sharp & distinctive style, it would not be wrong to say that Sonam Kapoor is the undisputed quintessential style diva of India. I bring here some of my favorite Sonam Kapoor looks! Which are your top 3 favorites? Do write and let me know. (It’s a long picture post but I did not wish to exclude even a single look, they are all so beautiful!!)











cannes 5














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