I am a simple woman at heart. Having said that it only comes most naturally that I love minimalism. And mind you, I do not just mean de-cluttering of closets or purging your house of unwanted stuff. Minimalism is much more….Yes it may sound paradoxical but minimalism is to do with “less is more” theory in almost all aspects of life which ultimately helps you to lead a more meaningful, fulfilling life. So when I say that I am a minimalist, I truly mean in almost all facets of my life starting from my thought process to my fashion sense, my beauty routine to my furniture style, my daily schedules to my time spent with family & friends…I like to keep it simple, minimal, neat and worthwhile! Now there a few reasons why I like to keep it this way….


CALMNESS & FOCUS—Minimalism brings me a sense of calm & serenity, both physical and mental ultimately making me feel lighter and more energetic. And when I feel better energy and a sense of peace, I am able to focus better on things that really matter which includes my long as well as short-term goals. For example, anything new that I buy consumes my mind about storing it, maintaining it, preserving it and so on. However, if I buy less and only the things that I really need, I save all that time and energy and invest the same in playing with my younger one, doing my doodle art or listening to music.


EASIER LIFESTYLE—Less stuff, less clutter, fewer pieces means more time on hand for sure! I am mentally less occupied and better equipped to handle my day-to-day chores. It’s much more easier to organize things be it my fashion clothing, my beauty products or even my bathroom accessories. I am able to plan out better and keep my things more handy and less cumbersome because I have less to arrange/ organize. I definitely feel less stressful, less forgetful and less chaotic because I am able to create a lot of breathing space between stuff. Plus I need to worry less about maintaining stuff since most of it is in order and tidy majority of the times. So any unexpected guests are always welcome since I am prepared most of the times.


FASTER STYLING & MORE CHIC—Being a fashion blogger, it’s never been easy to look slick and be trendy all 365 days of the year! But then that is something I really wish to accomplish. What better than going minimal! Makes it much more easier, faster and definitely fun as compared to the time when I had hordes of clothing options to choose from, tons of necklaces, thousands of footwear, bags and what not. It used to be a mental mayhem. So recently I purged my closet of all unwanted stuff including clothing, make-up and accessories. And voilà ! I have never been happier or more satisfied in life. With the pieces that I have now, I am able to style better, mix-n-match better and make my looks more in-trend and chic.


BETTER ECONOMY—Well at the base of it all, money does matter! Minimalism certainly helped me to save money because I have stopped splurging money on unnecessary things or things that only meant to add value to me or my home socially (for eg. an expensive artifact) without adding any real value. Nowadays I am beginning to build up my savings.I have become, what may be termed as, a thoughtful and intentional buyer focusing on buying stuff that I really need and not that I simply want. I believe it’s definitely more advisable to have good saving for  a decent future than a glamorous and sparkling present.


SENSE OF LIGHTNESS, FREEDOM, GRATITUDE & CONTENTMENT—Owning less has given me the ultimate feel of freedom & flexibility. I do not feel bound or burdened any more; I generally feel lighter (well not literally 🙂 ).Not only do I have more time, more space, less stress, more money, I have simply become unburdened from “stuff”. I have started to recognize what actually adds value to my life, what makes me really happy from within and how I should be spending my time in a worthwhile manner (rather than worrying about cleanliness & tidying up of the room all the time). Lately I am also having a feeling of gratitude and contentment towards things that I own now. I have become aware and more appreciative of things that I now have (after getting rid of all the extraneous stuff).


Minimalism is definitely becoming a trend with a great promise of better and easier lifestyle. Even though the above reasons may sound too simple and small, they go a long way in adding quality and substance to life. You too could try to embrace minimalism in your lifestyle. It is definitely worth a try!


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