Blue is such a classic but understated color. It can be powerful yet subtle, sublime yet bold. It all depends upon the exact shade that you are using and the other colors you are pairing it up with. Well an all blue outfit in tonal shades can be quite interesting with the right balance of every hue. So recently when I was in doubt about what to wear, I started with the option of COLORS! And without much thought, I narrowed it down to my favorite blue and its varying tonal shades. So today’s post is all about rocking this kind of tonal look most effortlessly…..

The key to rocking a tonal look is picking up two contrasting shades of the same color, for example a muted tone with a bolder shade (or even a metallic tone) or a pastel hue with a brighter hue.The trick is that either you play upon different shades or different textures. Here I am pairing a muted blue stripe batwing sweater with a deep navy cotton trouser and suede navy boots for a striking tonal look. As you can see there is a great mix of cotton, wool & suede in varying shades of blue for a stylish winter look! Simple & fun, tonal dressing is a powerful trend that attracts immediate attention. It is a great style technique that allows you wear multiple pieces in your wardrobe, all at once, without any clash. It is very popular with celebrities all over the world including top notch Hollywood stars, models & designers. It comes in very handy when you are in a design dilemma of what to wear for an occasion. And the best part is that it makes any outfit look super-chic and ultra trendy. And lastly it makes you look effortlessly taller and dressier! So tonal dressing trend is an absolute win-win from all aspects. Do give it a try!

Batwing Jumper: Serenity (Rajouri Garden Market) (Similar here & here) |
Navy Pants: Pantaloon (Similar here) | Navy Suede Ankle Boots: Bruno Manetti (Similar here & here) | Bag: Miniso


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