When it comes to your health, most people know that you should reduce the amount of stress in your life. But do you know how to identify the things that are causing you stress? Stress can significantly impact your physical and emotional health, so it’s essential to be able to identify the sources of stress … Continue Reading

Credit: August de Richelieu/ Pexels Most professions have their own dress code and norms that workers need to follow. Even for jobs as ‘casual’ as lawyers and designers, there are specific codes of dressing that you need to abide by. The last thing you want is to be judged before they even meet you in … Continue Reading

The benefits of shapewear and waist trainer for women are multi fold and ceaseless. Time and again it has been proved that shapewear is not a luxury any more but a necessity for all women. Besides having good optics, these also have health benefits such as better blood circulation and proper organ functionality.  And recently … Continue Reading

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