A very happy New Year to all of you! I hope it’s been a great beginning and a super start to 2018. And yet again it’s—–12 NEW Chapters, 365 NEW Chances; Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely….so yet another year to aspire for your dreams, to build up on your goals, to take the first step towards your vision, to make fresh beginnings with new relationships, to maintain and strengthen the existing ones, to work upon your health & fitness regime, to chalk out your travel bucket list, to get more evolved spiritually….basically a whole new chance to get it RIGHT!


Having said that, there is no denying that this is a great time for great NEW beginnings; basically that much-needed head-start to do/ redo/ push yourself/ sprint towards all those goals and ideals that have occupied your mind since ages but never got down to being realized. I definitely grabbed the opportunity to push myself beyond the boundaries! Therefore it was a quiet start for me working upon a whole set of THINGS-TO-DO, some old, some new, for redefining my lifestyle and giving it a better meaning. But before I share with you my THINGS-TO-DO list for 2018, I would like to do a quick recap for some of the best fashion trends, design ideas and lifestyle moments of 2017 from DeeSayz.








And now for a super quick glance at some of the THINGS-TO-DO list narrowed down by me for 2018. As you would note, that I do not like to call them resolutions since the word sounds kind of heavy and serious and most of the times does not work. I mean if I have resolved to lets say lose a certain amount of weight and if I go binging with one particular meal, I am thrown almost seven days back to when I started. The result? Loss of hope & enthusiasm and ultimately the death of my resolve of losing weight. However if I know that I have to cut down on my sugar/ fried foods intake as a part of my THINGS-TO-DO, it would still work for me even if I cheat at one particular instance. You know what I mean! So here goes…..


—Stay away from Negativity which implies negative thoughts of my own or of people! Most importantly, DO NOT RESPOND TO NEGATIVITY OR SARCASM!

—Have more water and stay hydrated.

—Pray more, thank God more & complain less!

—Remove all clutter whether it is from rooms, kitchen, home decor, wardrobe, stationery etc. Anything that is not adding to any value in my home or well-being will definitely be going out.

—Spend RESTRICTED time on Social Media & Internet

—Sleep more (& mind you I mean actual sleep, not rest)

—Be more SOCIAL; I have been an introvert for most part of my life. Definitely want to change that now!

—Eat more healthy and nutritious stuff; Avoid sugar & fatty food.

—Downsize my closet be it clothes, shoes or make-up! I know I don’t use them all. To keep only the basic & statement pieces.

—Exercise at least 5 days a week

—Do not PROCRASTINATE. Now this is something that we all struggle with. But I truly plan to ace this one. You would realize that this is yet another de-cluttering technique that keeps your mind and body more free & receptive to new ideas.

—Keep calm and in control of myself under situations of stress or anger. Worry less about the future. Basically LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

—Devote more time to doing art. It’s been a hobby that has been with me since childhood. It’s a total stress buster!

—Be more giving be it in terms of love, support, empathy, forgiveness, material things and most importantly gratitude. It is not just enough that you be thankful to God but also to your family, friends, colleagues and anyone/ everyone who has been a part of your life.

—Work on a monthly organized plan/ layout for the blog with emphasis on creating better content, value addition & monetizing.


I am sure you can connect with a few/ many of my above THINGS-TO-DO . Would love to know about yours in the comments below! Here’s wishing you once again a year full of love, success, happiness and great health.




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