There is no denying that we all crave for a luxurious, plush space where we can retire after a days work or invite our friends over for a comfortable, cozy dinner. Contrary to what many a people think, achieving a richluxury look at home is easy and quite affordable too. With just a few expert tweaks and no major decor investments, you can upgrade your home decor in time for a weekend stay-cation. Today I have come up with 8 top most styling tricks that would prove that you don’t have to spend big to create the room of your dreams.


Have Statement Lighting

First and easy way to add extravagance to your room is by adding a statement light in the center. It could be a hanging light or a glamorous chandelier that speaks luxury and romance. There are a lot of dramatic pendant lights that do not cost a fortune but instantly make the room look luxurious and made-up. Adding dimmer switches to the lighting is another way to make a room feel expensive. This allows you to adjust the lighting so that a space feels warm and cozy.


Incorporate Texture

It’s a great way to make your room appear rich! Design experts recommend incorporating a variety of materials such as wood, glass, metal & woven materials to create a look that’s collected, not matchy-matchy. The tactile feel of a wool sofa, the soft hand of a silk velvet pillow, or the supple texture of a quality leather are unmistakable luxury that you not only see but any guest can feel too. Adding textures in the form of faux-fur blanket or sheepskin throw on your couch, brushed brass accents on reclaimed wood coffee table or chunky fun pillows on leather chairs are other affordable hacks.


Layer the Pillows

Layering and overfilling your pillows is a simple but very effective technique.There’s something so luxurious about plush, overfilled throw pillows, layered stylishly & strategically one against another, that instantly transforms your living room/ bedroom from “everyday” to an elegant retreat that emulates the most sumptuous of hotels.Sometimes even one or two over-sized throw pillows with rich fabrics like velvet/ suede draped casually can serve as statement pieces in the room making it look expensive and put together.


Add Metallics

This is a great trick to add to the glam factor! High-gloss paint, metallic wallpaper or light fixtures with metal finishes spruce up your room effortlessly.If on a budget you may simply add a pedestal table, a metallic flower vase, a candle holder, a desk clock or even a small decorative accent to instantly add wattage to your room and up the fancy quotient. Adding a bit of glitz and glam creates the wow factor immediately!


Statement Artwork

An oversize, attention-grabbing piece of large-scale art can both spark conversation and imbue your living space with an instantly cool, luxe feel. You could choose from infinite styles of art available in the market depending upon the style decor of your room.For example, if you are a minimalist at heart, artworks and paintings in monochrome, abstract style will be a great option. For a pastel, understated decor, an artwork with bright & bold colors will certainly be a head turner. Whatever way, experiment and have fun. And if your art has personal significance, it could probably be the most luxurious piece in the room.


Go Green

As always, the quickest and easiest way to upgrade your room from “average” to “expensive-looking” is to add some greenery. What form this takes is up to you! A large fern? Small potted plants on your console/ coffee table/ chest/ dresser? No matter how, adding a few plants always helps a room take a big leap into luxury.The only thing to be kept in mind is that you don’t overdo it. Adding too many plants without attention to the size, the location or the vase design may lead to chaos and clutter.


Keep the Space Empty

Try to keep the space & floor empty! Granted, this is more of an organization and cleanliness tip, but don’t let that belie it’s importance. A cluttered living room/ bedroom/ dining never looks luxurious, so keep the floor and nooks & corners clean and orderly. This would mean no stacks of books/ magazines, no shoe racks, no unnecessary artifacts, no piles of extension cords, etc. An empty, neat, minimal space with only the right elements spells luxury & sophistication!


Draperies to Hit Floor

A good window treatment can add instant luxe to a room. But there’s one cardinal rule: Never, ever buy draperies that are too short. Also the drapery rods must fit the windows perfectly if you are looking to achieve that expensive feel. Otherwise your window may look cheap and immediately break the luxurious touch to your room. Make sure to measure the window before you head to the store. When choosing the curtain rod or the bracket, go in for styles that are classic, sturdy and not too distracting.


Hope the above styling tricks will help you elevate your room from a basic, laid-back space to a luxurious, expensive-looking haven! Do let me know how you went about making the transformation, in the comments below.




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