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Image Source: Pinterest

Every individual who is artistic is also intrinsically playful; that’s the grapevine on ‘art meets fashion’ this season. To embrace the fun-loving side of your personality, make some place in your wardrobe for a riot of feisty prints and patterns. Art is a vociferous medium of expression and its inter-meshed with fashion to paint you pretty. We are looking at peppy patterns, cheerful motifs and dollops of color for a boisterous catwalk! Go all out and fall in love with everything artsy!


 Whatever Sticks 


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Fridge magnets are cute, inventive and can fill up spaces with cheer and charm. Schiaparelli and Libertine have used the fridge magnet concept on fabric, and their creations express admiration for everyday symbols and imagery. Through detailed applique and embroidery work, both labels are reviving a culture of eclecticism through fun-filled symbols


The Busy Bee


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Who would’ve thought that the queer little insect would be hogging the limelight one day? It so turns out that the insect or what I’d like to call, ‘bee’ motif is creating a definitive buzz in fashion circles. Chanel chooses to smatter this arty motif across a diaphanous, black net; Gucci on the other hand plays with this motif quite liberally as part of its lively SS16 collection. Either way, we know that these curious insects will shape up the ready-to-wear and couture creations of many designers to come.


Tossing Tassels


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Tassels tossing around your lean frame can create an artistic drama like never before. MSGM’s ingenious basket-weave stress will leave you tasselled in its sprightly application of colored yarns. Resembling a creative cross-hatched canvas, this truly is a rare creation. Dion Lee cuts down on the vivacious colors but creates a dress that puts faith in the power of tassels.


Shimmer and Shine


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When it’s drizzling shimmer, you might as well indulge in getting wet! That’s right! Ashish and Versace join hands in sprinkling some glitter on the fashion scene. With leanings on pop art and a bit of kitsch, shimmer embroidery is here to steal your breath away! As sequins wreath into the fabric of your creation, you know you’re surely in for some crazy glam-shine!


Dipping in some Chips


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The art scene would’ve been barren if it weren’t for these quirky chips that are making clear headway. Dresses by Maison Margeila and Sadie Williams would’ve been a thorough visual treat for the versatile artist. A mesmerizing collage of chips embroidered on the fabric, draws your attention to the sketchy mind of an artist. There is literally, room for everything!

Which is your favorite art-inspired look? I am all-in-all for the chip style which is so unique & industrial yet feminine. Hope you will unleash your creative side and grab on to some artsy look this summer!

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